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'Passport, tickets, money, phone'

Adapted from Oxford English-File

Last year, I went on holiday to the Alps with a group of friends. One day, we climbed a mountain – well, it wasn’t really a climb, but it was a long walk – and it took about two hours to get to the top. When we got there, we had lunch. The view was amazing – we could see the sea in the distance. We took photos and just sat in the sun for a while.

Then we went down again, and when we got back to the car, I wanted to take another photo, but I couldn’t find my phone – it wasn’t in my bag. I thought ‘Oh no! It’s probably at the top of the mountain, where we had lunch.’ I decided the only thing was to go back up the mountain to get it, because I didn’t want to leave my phone up there. My friends said ‘OK, but you can’t go on your own’, so in the end we all went up again, which was another two hours.

When we got to the top we spent about half an hour looking for the phone, but we couldn’t find it anywhere. Then it started to get colder – it was now late afternoon – so I took my jacket out of my bag, and… my phone was in my jacket pocket!

I felt terrible, and really stupid! My friends were very nice about it, but they never let me forget it!

Stuart, from Exeter, UK

Stuart went to the Alps with _________ .
One day, Stuart and his friends went ____________- .
The view _________.
Stuart wanted to take another photo but he couldn’t find his ________.
His friends were ________ about it.


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